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Shane Harley has been using and training stockdogs for over 20 years. In our videos Shane will teach you how to train your puppy, help the intermediate dog and improve your broke dog. Whether you want to show your dog or simply develop a better canine partner, these videos will help. We offer several videos below and will be adding more each month.  This is our catalog.  Click the “Buy Now” button for the videos you choose and you will get complete access to them so you can watch and re-watch at your convenience.

Free Video - Value of TrainingFree Video: Value of Training Up.

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In our free introductory video you will meet Shane Harley and learn the importance of training your dog up to a higher level.  Imagine how much more you will be able to do after your dog learns to follow your instructions and execute a few critical maneuvers. There is so much more than simply using your dog to stop or drive cattle, whether it is gathering and moving a herd off of the road or saving your time and energy by moving sheep where you want them to go.  Listen to Shane explain the benefits to you and your dog of proper training.   Watch as Shane’s dog gathers, flanks and drives a herd, moving cattle and sheep exactly where Shane wants them to go.  Learn the importance of your partnership with your dog and how valuable the skills you will learn in this training series are to making your life simpler, happier and more productive. REGISTER TO WATCH THIS FREE VIDEO NOW!


Course A – Starting the Young Dog

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Starting the Young Dog VideoThe Young Dog – Starting it the Harley Way.

In this video Shane Harley will explain how to assess when your puppy is both physically and mentally ready to start training on stock. He addresses the basic structure and socialization for stockdog puppies and how and when to address problems when they arise. He stresses the importance of the bond between handler and dog/puppy and how to build that relationship. From this video you will have a clearer understanding of both when your puppy is ready to start working and also some clear guidelines to help you start the puppy on the basics of being a good working partner. These videos will help you to avoid creating bad habits in your young stock dog and will also help you to set up good structure and patterns in your puppy.

Video: Starting the young dog on sheep and cattle.Starting the Young Dog on Sheep and Cattle.
Your stockdog puppy is ready to start. What is the best way to start them? Getting respect from your young dog. Transitioning them from sheep to cattle. Don’t panic. It’s OK if things go wrong. Shane Harley works the young Border Collie, Bree, showing her first time on both sheep and on cattle.

Video: Starting the Young Dog LolaStarting the Young Dog – Lola.
Your dog is ready to start. The right start is so important. Watch as Shane Harley starts young Lola. A young dog can do no wrong at this point. Be sure and give them a place to go and keep moving your feet. Learn where balance is and how to get your dog feeling  that balance.

Video: The Triangle theory of dog training.The Triangle Theory.
This video covers the next step in training after your dog has learned balance. A critical part of the Shane Harley method of stockdog training. Shows the importance of releasing pressure and demonstrates the triangle method of training. This method is important in getting correct flanks, good gathers, driving and every aspect of the dog’s training on livestock.

Course B – The Started Dog

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Buy all 12 videos (Courses A, B and C) for just $249 and save!
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Video: Outruns - dog training.Outruns.
This video covers teaching the gather and teaching your dog to find livestock. The outrun is the most natural part of the Border Collie. Learn how to mold this important part of their training to get a more useful dog. Ask soft and build intensity and remember to release pressure. Whether training your dog on sheep or cattle, the concept is the same. Watch Shane Harley teach both Kita and Lola about gathering. then watch a 700 yard outrun at a big competition and see how it all comes together.

Dog TrainingVideo: Putting on FlanksFlanks.
Watch this video to see the importance of putting on correct flanks and how much easier they make the job for both you and your dog. Learn not only to put directional commands on your dog but how to get the correct flank and how to train the inside or off balance flank. Shane Harley shows how to teach your dog flank commands using natural balance and pressure from the handler’s body.  It is useful on puppies, started dogs or to fine tune an older dog.  Whether you trial or just do work on the ranch, your dog can handle cattle and sheep with confidence and control.

Dog Training Video: In and OutIn and Out.
Teaching your stock dog the commands for In and Out is a must to build flexibility into your working dog. Cow dogs and sheep dogs need to come in closer to stock as well as move out and away from pressure to be useful on the farm or trial. It is also important to control the rate, or speed, of your working dog. Shane Harley shows how to combine rate with flank commands, as well as in and out commands to have maximum control over the dog and cattle. The video shows how important these things are to a useful, working stockdog.

Dog Taining Video: Teaching your dog to drive.Teaching Your Dog to Drive.
This video shows how to start your dogs driving. The natural instinct of the working Border Collie is to bring stock to you but being able to drive with your dog will give you a much more useful dog. This video shows the importance of the inside flank begun in the video on Flanks.

Course C – Intermediate Training and Competition

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Buy all 12 videos (Courses A, B and C) for just $249 and save!
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Dog Training Video: Power and proper livestock handling.Power and Proper Livestock Handling.
This video shows the difference between power and bite and how to work your cattle quietly. Learn how to increase the power of your dog while minimizing stress on your livestock.

Dog Training Video: Obstacles and the importance of correct flanks.Obstacles and Correct Flanks.

This video not only shows you how to work obstacles when competing but how this valuable skill will help you in every day ranch work. It continues and expands upon the video on flanks. Watch how important inside flanks and outside flanks are. Shane shows how important it is to work your dog not the obstacle when training. Learn about being successful at hitting obstacles in cow dog trials or just getting cows through gates and into corrals.

Dog training video: intermediate training.Intermediate Training.

The Intermediate video takes you farther along in your stock dog training. Go beyond the basics with Shane Harley – lengthen your outruns, increase your drives, getting rate or pace on your dog, getting closer to your dog and farther from the livestock and still get the desired result. Learn to ask more and expect more each day. Get more distance on your dog while keeping them correct. This video details getting your dog to cover both ends and not stopping short. Also covered is the importance and ease of putting whistles on your dog. Whether training your stock dog on sheep or cattle, you can develop these more intermediate skills and get a much more valuable partner.

Dog training video: CompetitionCompetition.

This video shows you how to take control whether you plan on competing at a dog trial or you just want a better partner for every day ranch work. It covers how to prepare your dog better and how to get more precision with your dog. It shows the importance of clean stops, clean flanks, and the importance of listening and taking your commands. Watch Shane Harley demonstrate exercises on how to help your dog reach this level.  How to prepare your self and your dog to compete at cowdog trials. Even if you do not plan on competing, this segment is of value to the rancher in showing how to get control and shows how important and helpful that control can be.


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  1. maureen callahan says:

    How much is one of your videos. I need the driving one to help me help him?

    • editorgeri says:

      Currently we are not selling these individually. We sell them as a package of 4 for $89 or all 12 for $249. The ones we have packaged together, work together for a more complete training package.

  2. erin jacobson says:

    Hello. I recently purchased your course A stock dog training videos and I am excited about getting started but have been unable to access them. Also I do not see any contact info on your website. What is the best way to submit questions?
    Thank you,

  3. Mark Hartman says:

    Looks like a quality training series.

  4. Janice Booy says:

    Do you have DVD available? We haven’t an Internet connection at home, only a library 20 minutes away

  5. Sherry Creech says:

    I am still waiting on an answer to my questions. Please reply

    • editorgeri says:

      Here is the response to your question we posted on November 21st.

      In reply to Sherry Creech.
      This is a touchy spot you are in, your timing needs to get faster when you see he is about to lock on and ask him to come forward before he stops. Asking him to drive faster should also help and let him be a little naughty will help him come forward. That being said, being overly aggressive heeling I correct them for being bad and be soft in that correction then ask for a lie down. Don’t just stop and hold him there, let him get up quick and come forward. Hope this helps if you have anymore questions let me know.
      Thanks Shane

  6. Shannon Weber says:

    hello- I purchased group C and am not able to view the videos on the dashboard.

    Thanks for your help,

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