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geri_Meg_finals2Geri Byrne has been part of a family cattle ranching operation on the California-Oregon border and has raised Border Collies since 1978. When Geri decided to sell Border Collies in Action after 19 years, she did so in order to spend more time training dogs, hosting clinics and producing training videos. Geri formed Little Horse Mountain Productions, a video production company in 2009. A top open handler, in addition to having produced numerous training videos, Geri brings experience in both handing and education to Stockdog Training Courses.

shane-harleyShane Harley is a professional cowdog and sheepdog trainer. He has been very successful in both the cow dog and sheep dog show world including wins as Reserve National Cattle Dog Champion at the first ever USBCHA National Cattle Dog Finals, The Klamath Falls Bull Sale, The Klamath Rodear, Madras, Reno Rodeo, Langtry and Winnemucca. Shane has been competing at the open level in both sheep and cow dog trials since 1997. In addition to the dogs, he is a successful farrier.

A Nebraska native, Shane has been living in the Klamath Basin of Oregon since 2000. Now living near Bonanza, Oregon, he raises yearling feeder calves and a flock of 60 sheep. Each year he attends more than a dozen sheepdog and cattle dog trials throughout the West to test his dog handling skills against the best handlers in the U.S. and Canada always winning a few championships each year.  Check out his website at shaneharleystockdogs.com.

  1. Sylvia Arnett says:

    I find your web site difficult. How do I find out the prices and how it works?

    • editorgeri says:

      I apologize for the difficulty. On the home page, click on Training Courses at the very top. That will bring up a page with all the courses, their descriptions, prices and buttons to buy. Please let me know if you have any other questions or problems.


  2. pat selden says:

    do your video’s take the lesson thur a order that trains in a particular order?
    how do your video’s address basic train getting the dog down at a distance?

    • editorgeri says:

      Hi Pat
      The videos start with starting the young dog, triangle theory, teaching flanks and the in and out, driving and intermediate training, and obstacles and competition. You need to make sure that your dog downs at short distances everytime before you move onto longer distance. Young dogs are going to stop more likely when they feel they are in control. When you start to lengthen you need to keep moving towards your dog just to make sure if something goes wrong you are there to fix it. Thanks Shane

  3. Jim Conklin says:

    Hi Guys,
    Do you accept outside dogs for training? I have a year old Border Collie imported from Scotland that I would like started.
    Thanks ,
    Jim Conklin

  4. Sherry Creech says:

    I sent in some questions….still waiting to hear from someone

  5. pat boyd says:

    what do you mean the video’s are avaialable for a year

    • editorgeri says:

      That is the minimum time they would be available but in actuality it is much longer. We do not make them unavailable after a certain length of time.

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