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Thank you to everyone who has signed up for our Online Cow Dog Training. Hope you have enjoyed the free video on why it is important to train up. So many times, people are satisfied if they can send their dog and call it back but these dogs are capable of doing so much more. These courses will help you get the most out of your working dog.

Once you sign up for one of the programs (either a 4 episode package or all 12), you can post questions on the video page which Shane Harley will answer for you.

As an added bonus, anyone who signs up in the month of April for the 12 week package will receive their choice of one of the segments on a DVD. This means that you will have that segment permanently available with no need to be online  to watch. If you have already purchased the package, just send me an email at and specify which segment you would like.

Thanks for stopping by and best of luck with your dogs!

  1. thomas stinson says:

    Hi, Shane,
    It’s Tom. Question: Once purchasing the 4 video package for $89, how long is it available to view online?

  2. Shannon Wernink says:

    We are wanting to purchase the videos but have a questions:
    1) How are these videos available…dvd? Vhs tape? Or online.

    • editorgeri says:

      These are available to watch online for a minimum of 1 year. In addition, if you purchase the full 12 sessions by the end of April, you will receive your choice of sessions on DVD.

  3. Jeanna Nelson says:

    I have paid for this $89.00 but when we log in and click a coarse to watch it doesn’t work, it just goes to the home page. Please contact us so we can get this worked out. We bought this on the July 4th and it has cleared paypal and our bank. Thanks Jeanna Nelson

  4. Kelli Tate says:

    Good afternoon! We just got a Kelpie, McNab, Border Collie mix pup and was wondering where we start for basic training. Do we tie her up all day long and keep her on a leash? We are rookies to the stock dog training and we don’t have any clue as to where we begin.

    • editorgeri says:

      Hi, the biggest thing is to keep it from chasing livestock on its own so if that means when you feed or are moving livestock yes keep it on a leash. They need to learn to be obedient and learn to lie down. When you say no you need to mean it. Thank you and good luck if you have anymore questions feel free to contact us again!

  5. Ken Mackey says:

    Just purchased the first training course and I’m unable to access the course. When will I get access? I received a confirmation email and my credit card was charged $89.00. I’m excited to get started!
    Thank you Ken

  6. JIMMY LOFTIS says:

    paid for all how do I get it to work

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