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Welcome to our new website.

We are excited to bring you Shane Harley Cowdog Training Courses! These courses will help you learn how to train your puppy, help the intermediate dog or improve your trained dog.

Whether you have a young pup just starting out, a started dog needing some mileage and some training or a seasoned, older dog, whether you want to use your dog on the ranch or to compete, this stockdog training series will benefit both you and your dog.

Perhaps you have thought you don’t have the time to attend clinics or want to outlay the capital for a trained dog. Maybe trainers or resources aren’t available locally and you haven’t known where to turn. You might even have bought a book or DVD or two and thought, these are fine if you want to train a sheepdog or compete at sheepdog trials, but they don’t really help the everyday rancher.

With all this in mind, we have developed online cowdog training courses that you can watch on your own time and at your own pace. You can see easy training techniques that will help you and your dog get to the next level.

Throughout this series, you will learn how to start your pup correctly, how to transition from sheep to cattle, putting proper flankson a dog, building confidence and power in a dog, starting the gather, driving and much, much more.

Be sure and check out our free video – The Value of Training Up.  Sign up today and learn how to get the most from your working dog.

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  1. Taylor Stewart says:

    Will this work with the Australian cattle dog?

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