On the road to the Reno Rodeo Cow Dog Trial

Over the next few days, Shane and Molly will be bringing you updates from their trip to the Reno Rodeo Cow Dog Trial.

Wednesday’s Entry

Terrific Handler’s Dinner. Can’t wait until tomorrow!

IMAG0146 IMAG0148

Great day for a drive to Reno!


Tuesday’s Entry

Got both the dogs schooled and ready to head out in the morning to the Reno Rodeo Cowdog Trial!



Monday’s Entry

Time to regroup. Unload from a great weekend at the horse show and get ready for the Reno Cow Dog Trial. Got the dogs worked today to prepare. Come back Tuesday to see photos of dogs getting ready.


  1. Sherry Creech says:

    Good evening. I have been watching your video. and have found them to be very helpful, so thank you. I have a question. I am not quite sure what to do. I working a 15 month old border collie. He is coming along quite nicely. My concern is when a heifer turns and faces him, sometimes out of curiosity, I can’t get him to walk on to her. He kinda of locks on, so I go in and help, not much, but trying to get him to feel confident about walking up. I have his mother, and her downfall I felt was she gave them too much time before she would give them a bite. So I am hoping to nip this in the bud. He is only 15 months, so may be just immaturity?

    Another question, when he heels a animal, I want him to just heel and quit or head and quit unless it is required to do more. At this point sometimes it is a whole lot more heeling. What do you do? just lay him down and correct him when he gets to aggressive, so we get to the point of a heel bite or a nose bite and its over. Look forward to your reply.

    • editorgeri says:

      This is a touchy spot you are in, your timing needs to get faster when you see he is about to lock on and ask him to come forward before he stops. Asking him to drive faster should also help and let him be a little naughty will help him come forward. That being said, being overly aggressive heeling I correct them for being bad and be soft in that correction then ask for a lie down. Don’t just stop and hold him there, let him get up quick and come forward. Hope this helps if you have anymore questions let me know.
      Thanks Shane

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